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太原武宿国际机场:国际、国内航班实施分区管理-国际在线 - CRI:2021-3-27 · 3月26日上午,省政府新闻办举行系列新闻发布会。太原武宿国际机场党委书记、董事长王向东介绍武宿机场严防境外疫情输入的相关情况。 3月19日,民航局、外交部、国家卫健委、海关总署、移民局联合发布了《关于目的地为北京的国际航班从指定第一入

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Expedia® Partner Solutions (EPS) unlocks the power of Expedia Group for thousands of partners around the world. Our mission is to fuel our partners’ growth through our unparalleled technology, travel supply and support services.

    Why EPS?

    Latest COVID-19 travel update

    We work with businesses like yours to achieve your business objectives, from growing your business to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. How? By providing you with:


    Competitive rates and availability, and quality content for travel supply worldwide.


    基础建设投资加速海湾吊装迎来快速发展期 - · 基础设施建设投资加速带动吊装行业发展 目前,我国经济建设发展快速,每年国家的固定资产投资都保持较快增长,从而拉动吊装行业的发展。 国家统计局显示,2021年,我国固定资产投资为241,431亿元,到2021年我国固定资产投资达502,005亿元,年复合增长率达20.1%。


    Configurable solutions, from API building blocks to front-end interfaces, engineered to deliver you conversions, fast.


    Enterprise-class, business-to-business support and integration services.


    Whether you build your own customized solutions from our travel API, or choose our ready-built booking technology, our solutions are perfect for increasing the quality and breadth of your customer offering.

    API Online templates Agent tools


    Get support when you need it and expert advice on how to grow your travel sales. From hands-on help with technical integration at launch to ongoing support with marketing and revenue optimization, at EPS we’re all about partnership.

    As an EPS partner you’ll be supported by tech experts and a global customer service team. Our specialist agents are just a phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days per week for your travelers or your own staff. Many of our partners also benefit from an account manager who proactively works with partners to identify new opportunities for our partners.

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    Stay up-to-date with the latest EPS research, press releases, blog posts and product updates.

    A Message from Ariane Gorin, President of Expedia Business Services

    5 things travel brands can do right now to be ready post-COVID-19

    As countries, communities, individuals and businesses begin to think about how they will travel in the near future, travel businesses face another tough task in adapting to provide travelers with the services they need and want.